Tilt and Turn Windows

Commercially rated (AAMA 101 "Architectural" grade 70), perhaps the best window available, the vinyl tilt-turn offers everything you might need in a window design. Easy to operate, strong, energy efficient, durable and elegant; this is the right window for any building application from residential to full commercial. Long the most popular window type used in Europe, the vinyl tilt-turn is rapidly becoming the window of choice for discriminating North Americans.


  • Dual action operation: a single operating handle unlocks the windows and moves the sash into either a tilt or a turn mode
  • Fusion welded master frame and sashes make the window practically unbreakable
  • Multi-cavities in profile become hermetically sealed air chambers assuring maximum insulation
  • Choice of 7/8, 3/4 or 1 inch insulated glass is replaceable from inside by removing vinyl glazing stops
  • Cushion shock absorbing system, rubber gaskets and bumpers support the glass unit
  • Rubber weatherstrip gaskets around the perimeter of the sash and frame ensure weather resistance
  • Concealed multi-point locks improve aesthetics and security.
  • Units may be joined together with snap-on mullions of different angles (5%, 10%, 30%, 45%, 90%)

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