Casement And Awning Windows

Believed to be the first (and only) vinyl window design ever to earn a performance rating in the highest classification defined in the window industry (AAMA 101 "Architectural", grade 70), the vinyl casement is unsurpassed. It is easy to operate, strong, energy efficient, quiet and durable. The sash features a contoured shape similar to fine millwork fabrication and has elegant, narrow sight lines. Casement System application—residential, commercial or institutional.


  • Fusion welded master frame and sashes make the window practically unbreakable
  • Multi-cavities in profile become hermetically sealed air chambers assuring maximum insulation
  • Choice of 7/8, 3/4 or 1 inch insulated glass is replaceable from inside by removing vinyl glazing stops
  • Cushion shock absorbing system, rubber gaskets and bumpers support the glass unit
  • Rubber weatherstrip gaskets around the perimeter of the sash and frame ensure weather resistance
  • Outward opening sash is activated by precision die cast crank hardware. Hinge mechanisms are concealed from exterior to preserve clean appearance.
  • Units may be joined together with snap-on mullions of different angles (5%, 10%, 30%, 45%, 90%)

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