What to Look For in Vinyl Windows

New windows enhance your home’s appearance, make it quieter, and less drafty. It’s true that saving money on your energy bill is a good reason to replace your older, less-efficient windows,  but the greatest benefits are in keeping your home more comfortable. We offer a wide range of replacement windows, including vinyl and OKNA Windows and Doors’ Starmark Cellular composite windows, which are stronger and even more energy-efficient than vinyl replacement windows.

Replacing a home’s windows is a big investment, so the better informed you are, the better decision you can make. Here’s what to look for when choosing new vinyl windows for your home.

  • Appearance. Today you can now find vinyl windows that look convincingly like wood. The good news? They outperform wood windows when considering ease of installation and level of maintenance required. They’re available in a rich, textured, and realistic woodgrain, but are resistant to rotting, corrosion, termites, and air pollutants. They also retain their finish, and you never need to sand, re-stain, or repaint them.
  • Quality. Top-quality vinyl windows have additives that protect against brittleness and fading. Look for welded corners and numerous internal air chambers in the sash and frame extrusions. They add strength, rigidity, and insulation to the window.
  • Premium Glass. A quality replacement window minimizes heat loss and gain by using spacers (the material that separates the panes of glass) that give your home excellent thermal efficiency and reduction of condensation.
  • Effectiveness. Choose windows that are designed for the local climate. Is your home exposed to high winds or extremely cold temperatures? Look for vinyl windows that rate higher for excellent low-temperature wind resistance.
  • Energy Savings. Vinyl windows that are Energy Star compliant meet certain energy performance criteria defined by the Department of Energy and the EPA. OKNA windows meet and exceed these criteria.

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Since 2007, Action Windows and Siding has offered homeowners in West Hartford, CT and the surrounding area the finest quality new and replacement windows, doors, siding, and sunrooms. To learn more about OKNA windows and the other products and services we offer, contact us today

Top 5 Benefits of Selecting OKNA Windows to Replace Your Current Windows

Did you know that heating and cooling represents nearly 50% of your home’s energy budget? Regardless of climate or season, doors and windows are the most significant source of heat transfer in a home. Most people want their homes to be as energy-efficient as possible. One of the best steps you can take to equip your home with greater long-term efficiency is replacing your current, less-efficient windows.

Action Windows & Siding offers a wide variety of replacement and new construction windows and is an OKNA Windows and Doors authorized dealer. Stronger and even more energy-efficient than vinyl replacement windows, OKNA windows offer five key benefits:

  1. Advanced Technology

Crafted with the latest advances in technology, OKNA windows reduce solar heat gain and improve comfort, keeping heat inside during the winter, and outside in the summer. ClimaGuard™ is an innovative glass coating that provides better solar heat gain than tinted glass and, unlike other traditional coatings, lets in more natural light.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

OKNA windows are better insulated, which improves the temperature of the glass. Their Heatseal™ spacers improve the total U-Value of windows, reducing heat loss and saving money on energy bills.

  1. Thermal Performance

Winters in the West Hartford, CT area can get darn chilly! OKNA windows offer improved winter comfort by providing a warm interior surface during the colder winter months. They also reduce frost and condensation.

  1. Wear the NFRC Label

The non-profit organization, NFRC, provides accurate information about the energy performance of windows, doors, and skylights. The two most important energy ratings are U-factor (the rate of heat loss through a window) and solar heat gain (the rate of heat gain through a window).

  1. Energy Star® Compliant

The Energy Star designation means a window meets certain energy performance criteria defined by the Department of Energy and the EPA. OKNA windows meet and exceed these criteria.

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Since 2007, Action Windows and Siding has offered Connecticut homeowners the finest quality new and replacement windows, doors, siding, and sunrooms. To learn more about OKNA windows and the other products and services we offer, contact us today

OKNA Window Solutions for Your Home

“Once upon a time . . .” Every company has a unique story to tell about its beginning; usually, a company is formed when someone sees a need for a product or service and decides to become a resource. Rarely, but sometimes, a visionary has an idea for a new product or service and uses dynamic marketing skills to create a need.

OKNA Becomes a National Manufacturer of Superior Windows

Two men, Voytek Kaniewski and Yarek Ostaniewicz, immigrated from Poland; they didn’t know each other, but both were general contractors in the construction industry. They met and formed OKNA Windows & Doors, and the company thrived.

It was 1994. Voytek and Yarek placed orders with a local window and door manufacturer, and their business was so successful that the manufacturer was having a hard time filling their requisitions in a timely manner. He half-jokingly said, “If you guys are buying so many windows and need them so quickly, why don’t you just start making your own?” And that’s how OKNA Windows became one of the country’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cellular PVC windows and doors.

Safe, High-Quality Windows – Guaranteed

All OKNA products are thoroughly tested and meet or exceed all industry standards for performance. OKNA has received Energy Star®, AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association), and NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) certifications. Their commitment to quality and durability is paramount. That’s why OKNA products have an outstanding warranty!

OKNA Products: Solutions for Every Architectural Design

Your new home or remodeling project can feature many styles of OKNA windows that will enhance your home or property’s interior and exterior design. You can choose from:

  • Awning, Casement
  • Bay, Bow
  • Double-Hung, Single-Hung
  • Hopper
  • Patio Doors
  • Picture
  • Sliding

We Recommend OKNA

Your Action Windows & Siding team trusts the absolute performance of OKNA Windows. That’s why we offer them to our preferred customers in the West Hartford area. Call 860-953-1936 or contact us to schedule a walkthrough of your 2017 renovation or new build project. We’ll work with your architects and contractors to deliver cost-effective solutions with OKNA Windows!

Different OKNA Windows and How They’re Used

It’s difficult to choose the best type of window for your new home construction or this year’s remodeling project! You want your windows to offer protection, but you also want them to be easy to use, easy to clean, and durable enough to withstand our winter weather and summer heat. And finally, you want your windows to be beautiful enough to not only enhance your architecture but serve as focal points, inside and out.

You can’t go wrong when you know about the types of windows our OKNA manufacturer offers here in the United States. OKNA windows are custom-made, so whatever style you choose will be perfect! If you can have the best and save money, why would you do anything else?

  • Awning, Casement – The 750 has a streamlined look that works well in tight spaces; the 700 can be hinged on either side. Both offer a superior level of beauty and functionality.
  • Bay, Bow – Bay and bow windows are a charming way to add beauty and light. They are perfect for reading rooms and lighting your home.
  • Double-Hung – Classic, traditional, or high-end modern styles will blend seamlessly with your interior décor and exterior architecture.
  • Patio Doors – Patio doors add light, elegance, and accessibility! OKNA patio doors are available in replacement and new construction designs.
  • Picture – Picture windows are the ultimate choice for traditional elegance. You can bring our beautiful Connecticut landscape into your home with a myriad of glass and style choices.
  • Single-Hung – The OKNA Insul-Tec is a replacement window. With clean lines and quality craftsmanship, it’s a good choice for new windows. Single-hung Insul-Tecs are also a cost-effective choice when you’re on a budget.

Only the Best for Our Customers

Action Windows & Siding has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We offer some valuable deals on Angie’s List, too. And we prefer OKNA windows for our customers because we want them to have the best windows at the best price. Call 860-953-1936 or contact us to learn more.

Quick Guide to Picking the Best Windows for Different Locations in Your Home

You can’t beat Consumer Reports for knowledgeable, trustworthy information. So you’ll be surprised that when it comes to saving money and reducing energy costs on replacement windows, this esteemed resource basically said, “Money talks, balderdash walks.” Energy Star-qualified windows can lower your energy bills by 7-15%. Once you do the math, “why bother?” says CR.

Instead, you should choose the best windows for your whole house and your window locations. Types of replacement windows include:

  • Bay/Bow
  • Casement/Awning
  • Double-hung
  • Garden/Specialty
  • Single-hung
  • Slider
  • Tilt/Turn

Form, Function, and Finances

Installing a window replacement in Connecticut can be based on affordability, utility/security, and appearance. Single- and double-hung are less expensive. Double-hung windows are more versatile and easier to clean. Choosing window replacements is easier when you consider these advantages:


These windows add interior floor space and are a charming architectural addition to any home.


OKNA carries casement/awning windows that maximize air circulation and beauty. We carry the only award-winning casement windows available!

Double-Hung, Single-Hung

Both are good choices. The difference is how they open and close. Some double-hung windows can be tilted for easy cleaning.


Garden windows are charming mini-bay windows that are like tiny greenhouses for your plants. Some will even accommodate shelves! Do you want dramatic arches or round windows? Specialty windows can express your style!


These are often used in homes with “short walls” because they use very little vertical space. Slider windows are usually placed nearer to the top of the wall and can optically make your walls appear to be taller.


Europeans set the bar for tilt/turn windows, and these dual-action, attractive replacement windows are trending in the U.S. and Connecticut!

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.
I wonder where the boidie is?

It’s time to begin your renovation or new-build home project for 2017. Action Windows & Siding makes installing a window or a houseful of windows easy and affordable, so let’s get started today! Visit our Windows Gallery to help you decide on the right style; then call 860-953-1936 or contact us to schedule a free onsite assessment.

How do OKNA Windows Keep Out the Cold?

Two Pennsylvania contractors were buying and installing so many windows that a window manufacturer jokingly said, “Why don’t you just start making your own?” So they did. In 1994, Berks County, Pennsylvania, OKNA® windows were formed and became one of the leaders in quality window manufacturing for the east coast and Midwest U.S.

Absolute Performance

Heating and cooling account for half of your total energy bill, while windows and doors are obviously the main sources of heat transfer. OKNA windows keep out those cold Connecticut winds using advanced technology for glass and window manufacturing. Here’s how:

Energy Efficiency

You’ll not only realize savings on your heating bill; you’ll be able to install a smaller HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) unit for whole-house heating and cooling. Yes, we have some frigid winters, but we also have some sweltering summers. You’ll reduce solar gain* with high-performance windows without sacrificing sunlight.

Advanced Glass Coating

OKNA windows have ClimaGuard™, a glass coating that is made up of several layers of metals; the combined thickness of these layers is only 1/1000 the thickness of a strand of hair! This coating is “spectrally selective.” That means it provides better solar heat reduction than tinted glass while maximizing sunlight. Views from your windows will be invisibly clear.


Inefficient window performance cools the air near your windows; the cold air floats to the ground and feels like a draft, but your windows are the culprits! Energy-efficient windows improve comfort and provide a warmer interior surface during the cold winter months.

West Hartford Communities Choose OKNA Windows

Our friends and neighbors here in Connecticut know that the professionals at Action Windows & Siding stand by our promise of offering better windows at the best price. That’s why we recommend OKNA windows for homes and commercial buildings in this area. If you have a historical property, you’ll want to keep out the cold with OKNA windows while preserving the beauty and architecture of your historic home. Call 860-953-1936 or contact us to learn more about the value of OKNA windows. Quotes are free!

*unwanted heat from sunlight

New Window Technology You Need to Know About

Windows are a basic necessity for your home. They provide you access to the outside world while you are still inside, allow fresh (and free) sunlight in to brighten up your home, and provide an alternate escape route in the event of an emergency — without letting outside air, germs and strangers into your home. Thanks to modern technology, windows are becoming even more useful. Let’s take a look at some of the new window technology that is adding surprising levels of utility to what was once nothing more than a transparent barrier:


Solar radiation/outdoor climate blocking blinds


Blinds have long been a supplement to windows as a way to keep sunlight — and other people’s eyes — out of your home when you don’t want them in there. However, one thing that blinds have always been terrible at blocking out is solar radiation. This is why solar screens were invented. This new window technology literally absorbs the sun’s heat so that your home can remain cooler. This will save a great deal of energy during the summertime, since a cooler home means that your A/C won’t have to work as hard.

Solar radiation isn’t the only climate altering entity that you have to worry about invading your home. The outside air can seep through the most tightly shut windows, cooling or heating your home and making your HVAC system work harder. Thermal blinds are fixing this by adding an additional layer of insulation to your windows so that you can save even more energy. What’s more, if you have no need for outside light to enter a room, a thermal blind can keep all of the sunlight out.


Climate resistant glass

The glass of the window itself is one of the best new window technology innovations out there. Window manufacturers are producing window glass that not only optimizes a window’s capabilities for a climate, but also for the materials that the building itself is made out of. This is another boon for the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system, the largest single energy consumer in your home.

Energy efficient window frames

The frames of the windows are often the culprit of air leaks that can cause a hike in your energy bill. That is why a new window technology for frames, the multi-chambered pocketed frame, is a big deal. This type of frame actually adapts to the outside temperature and essentially rejects the outdoor air from your home.

Condensation resistant technology

Window condensation can cause problems as minor as blocking your view outside to causing damage to your walls as the extra moisture affects the air in your home. New condensation resistant windows are solving this problem. This is done with a specially designed glass spacer technology that keeps moisture from clinging to your windows.

Window drainage systems

Water buildup in a window can cause the frame to swell up and crack (especially when it freezes). As you can imagine, such an issue could ruin someone’s day. Modern window drainage systems are fixing this problem by getting rid of the water before it becomes a problem.

Multi-point lock windows

Home invasion is a real problem, and you should take steps to keep thieves out. A great way to get this done is to make the investment in the new multi-point window lock technology, which uses up to five individual locking pins to prevent people from getting in.

New window technology is still evolving

To take advantage of the latest window technology or to learn more about how windows are evolving, contact us today. Action Windows & Siding, LLC is the Hartford area’s go-to for replacement windows. Our free assessment for your 2017 home renovation project can help you budget for safe, sustainable windows that will enhance your curb appeal and increase your property value. You can visit our Windows and Siding Gallery for ideas! It may be freezing outside today, but spring and summer will be here before you know it, so call 860-953-1936 or contact us today.

Tips on Burglar-Proofing Your Windows

Property crimes in Connecticut are certainly lower than the U.S. average, but you still have a 1 in 55 chance of burglary. Security is important, and many people opt for high-tech alarm systems and keypads. Windows are your weakest point of entry. This year, if you need to install a window, consider adding these burglary-proofing tips for windows:

  • Bullet-resistant – This glass costs more and doesn’t provide much more protection than reinforced glass.
  • Mesh – Mesh glass is pricey; it doesn’t provide much more protection than tempered glass.
  • Polycarbonate, Plexiglas – Acrylic plastic windows have the same thickness as regular glass but are ten times stronger than regular glass. Polycarbonate windows are 250x stronger than safety glass. Both are expensive options.
  • Reinforced Glass – Tempered glass is one of the most affordable reinforced glass options. However, you should consider “safety glass,” which is laminated glass secured between two panes. A burglar would need to pound on the glass repeatedly, in the same spot – which would be quite noisy – to break the glass.
  • Window Alarms – You can choose from a large selection of window alarms. Some make a loud noise when a window is broken. Others use an infrared motion detector that sounds off if a window is opened/broken. Several types are DIY (do-it-yourself) projects; others require professional installation. Costs vary.
  • Window Bars – Customized window bars don’t have to look like your home is a prison; they can be decorative while adding a viable safety feature to your property.

Take Action

Spring is just around a very snowy corner, and it’s not too soon to consider putting your remodeling plans-on-paper into action. Action Windows & Siding, LLC is the Hartford area’s go-to for replacement windows. Our free assessment for your 2017 home renovation project can help you budget for safe, sustainable windows that will enhance your curb appeal and increase your property value. You can visit our Windows and Siding Gallery for ideas! It may be freezing outside today, but spring and summer will be here before you know it, so call 860-953-1936 or contact us today.

Replacement Windows in Connecticut

Installing replacement windows is one of those jobs where professional experience and knowledge are invaluable, and Angie’s List often reminds us of why we DIYers (do-it-yourselfers) need professional help. “Is your home in a historic district or subject to HOA (homeowners association) covenants?” she asks. “While an HOA’s policies . . . might not strictly prohibit window replacement, it may limit your choices of window styles, colors or patterns,” she continues.

Connecticut homes are located in the South – southern New England, that is. They often feature original or replica Victorian or Colonial architecture. Window replacement in Connecticut needs to be handled by a company that understands the housing/construction laws for your community, city, and state as well as conscientiously preserve the integrity of your home’s architecture.

Types of Windows

Once you’ve determined you need replacement windows, you will evaluate which type is best for your home and family. Some of your choices include:

  • Aluminum, metal - Durable, but a poor choice for energy efficiency
  • Awning - Hinged at the top
  • Bay, bow windows - Great for 1800s architecture; adds the illusion of space
  • Casement - Open outward, like a door
  • Double-hung - Two sashes move up/down easily
  • Fiberglass - Very durable and energy conservative
  • Fixed - Cannot be opened
  • Hopper - Hinged at the bottom
  • Horizontal sliders - Sashes open/close horizontally
  • Vinyl, PVC - Highly durable and easily maintained. Good choice for home energy efficiency
  • Wood - Most difficult to maintain, not as weather-resistant

Homeowners Trust Angies List

You can also learn more about replacement windows in Connecticut from Angie’s List reviews. “From the initial consultation to the install, everything went buttery smooth and the price couldn’t be beat,” says one Action Windows & Siding, LLC client. “They will definitely be back to do my sliders and front door in the spring. Couldn’t be happier with the quality and workmanship!”

You can trust Angie’s List, and you can trust Action Windows & Siding. Our replacement window professionals will only recommend the best products at the best prices for our friends and neighbors in Connecticut, so we often suggest OKNA  replacement windows. Call 860-953-1936, 800-326-2284, or contact us for a free quote.

How to Tell If Your Windows Need Replacing

Having windows that are in great shape certainly adds value to your home. But, how can you tell when it’s time to replace them? When installed properly, windows can last for years without needing to be updated. However, if the windows in your home do need a makeover, there are a few telltale signs that will help you to get the timing right and prevent you from replacing windows that are still functioning well. Here are some things to look out for in your home.

1. You can feel a draft.
All windows, even if installed perfectly will let a very small amount of air in and out when they are closed. This is totally normal. But if you are walking by your windows and you notice that you can actually feel the draft of air then that’s when it’s time for concern. This will affect the temperature in your home, not to mention your electricity or gas bill.
There are a few reasons that older windows have a tendency to let in more unwanted outdoor air. For one, as new homes start to settle, the framing naturally adjusts. Sometimes, if the windows weren’t installed properly this will leave gaps and opportunities for air or worse, water to penetrate through the framework. Another reason for drafts is that wooden frames, especially in colder or seasonal climates expand, contract and warp. The more winters these frames weather, the higher the chance for unwanted drafts to pull through.
While many windows are built to stand the test of time, like everything else, it’s a good idea to check for deterioration with age. If your windows don’t looks as clear anymore, there is a very good reason for that. Glass is actually scientifically considered to be a liquid, not a solid. That’s why over the years it warps and distorts. After about fifty years, if it is not broken or destroyed by then, you can barely see through it at all!
Also, after ten years, there is a good chance that there will be a few windows in a home that have been subject to some type of wear and tear, whether it be from chips, or fractures. Not only will fractures obstruct your view, and potentially drive up your heating bill, but falling glass is incredibly dangerous in the even that one of the cracked windows breaks. All it takes is a flash freezing or extreme dip in temperature cause a fracture to shatter. It’s definitely better to replace your windows during a warmer season than to have to band aid a solution in the middle of winter!

2. It’s difficult to open or shut your windows.
If you’re having difficulty opening and closing your windows, this is a sign that they need to be replaced. Many slider windows lose their ability to “slide” open over time. As well, it was mentioned above that wood warps. This is another reason why a window may be difficult to open.

3. You see condensation.
This is a very bad sign. Condensation can lead to mold growth and many allergens. It also might be an indication of a bigger problem like a water leak. This is a situation that should be addressed immediately. Maintain a healthy home environment for you and your family by replacing your windows if something is causing condensation between panels of double or triple paneled windows.